Elaboration in type, primary structure, and bioactivity of polysaccharides derived from mollusks

  • Ling Chong Wang, Liu Qing Di, Jun Song Li, Li Hong Hu, Jian Ming Cheng, Hao Wu
  • Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, October 2017, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/10408398.2017.1392289

structure and bioactivies of mollusk polysaccharides

What is it about?

This article mianly covers general information on structures and bioactiveties of various polysaccharide isloated from mollusks.

Why is it important?

Over the past decades, numerous Mollusca species have received more attention in development and utilization as valuable bio-resources. Many efforts have been focused on investigating mollusk polysaccharides because of their rich content, ease of extraction, diversified sorts, specific structure, various biofunctions and potent activities.


Dr Lingchong Wang
Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

The article presents a brief overview on several challenges and future scope in field of mollusks polysaccharide research.

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