Values in crowdfunding in the Netherlands

Quirijn Lennert van den Hoogen
  • International Journal of Cultural Policy, February 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/10286632.2018.1433666

Values in crowdfunding the arts in the Netherlands

What is it about?

This article discusses the outcomes of a value based analysis of the crowdfunding website Using value sociology (Boltanski and Thévenot) the research tries to assess which types of values (e.g. artistic values or promotional values) project makers stress in their information on the website. A survey assesses which reasons people donating money have for choosing a certain project to donate to.

Why is it important?

As more and more artists are dependent on private sources of income, insight in the reasons behind crowdfunding and success factors of crowdfunding campaigns is necessary.


Quirijn van den Hoogen (Author)

This publication applies a research method which I find very useful for comparative studies of art system. As the value sociology provides a flexible grid of types of values, it can be applied in almost any specific policy setting, allowing to compare them on a very basic level rather than focusing on the details of different funding or policy arrangements.

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