Inhaled steroid inhibits development of total and mite IgE

Norihide Murayama, Satoru Doi, Toshishige Inoue, Isamu Takamatsu, Makoto Kameda, Katsuyuki Takeda, Kyoichiro Toyoshima
  • Immunological Medicine, January 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/09114300.2018.1451599

Inhaled steroid inhibits total and mite IgE

What is it about?

On youger child asthma total IgE and inhaled antigens specific IgEs often increase by aging. And they become persistent asthma. Inhaled steroid inhibits total IgE increase and mite specific IgE to become positive.

Why is it important?

From the inhibitory effect with Inhaled steroid for increasing IgE by aging, Inhaled steroid may have inhibitory effect to become persitent asthma.


Norihide Murayama (Author)
Murayama Pediatrics

Before more than 25 years, I followed a youger child asthma male patient. For several years he had good cotrol with inhaled steroid. And he had normal range tota IgE and mite IgE negative on 6 month to one year routine IgE examinations. He suddenly stopped inhaled steroid and visiting our hospital. After 6 months he visited our hosital with moderate asthma attack. His tatal IgE increased and mite IgE became positive. I recognized that inhaled steroid inhibits IgE increase by aging.

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