Exponential nutrient loading shortens the cultural period ofLarix olgensisseedlings

Jie Duan, Chengyang Xu, Douglass F. Jacobs, Lüyi Ma, Hongxu Wei, Lini Jiang, Jun Ren
  • Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, July 2013, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/02827581.2013.778328

Exponential nutrient loading shortens the cultural period of Changbai larch seedlings

What is it about?

Tree seedling production includes two types: containerized stocks and bareroot seedlings. The latter requires up usually more than one year's cultural period due to open-air environmental conditions for growing tree seedlings. Seedling nutrition, however, has been demonstrated to have some decisive effect on seedling performance after transplanting, therefore exponential nutrient loading was referred to and successfully employed on loading nutrients within one-year old Changbai larch seedlings.

Why is it important?

To loading one-year-old Changbai larch seedlings with nutrients of the amount sufficiently for two-year-old ones using exponential nutrient loading technique. Some significant responses were found in early performance after transplanting.

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