Reduction of hexavalent chromium using fungi and bacteria isolated from contaminated soil and water samples

  • Reuel M. Bennett, Paul Rodrigo F. Cordero, Gershon S. Bautista, Gina R. Dedeles
  • Chemistry and Ecology, May 2013, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/02757540.2013.770478

Hexavalent chromium removal by Philippine microorganisms

What is it about?

The study presents the use of microorganisms, both fungi and bacteria, to reduce chromium (a toxic element) present in different water systems. In general, our aim is to come up with an alternative approach to clean chromium-contaminated environment instead of using costly and chemical-based technologies.

Why is it important?

Our study is very timely since one of our lake system is currently experiencing chromium-contamination that affects thousands of people.

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