A Contested Identity: Resisting the Category Muslim-Australian

Liza Hopkins
  • Immigrants & Minorities, March 2011, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/02619288.2011.553139

Resisting the category Muslim-Australian

What is it about?

The role of the media in contributing to the construction of identity based groups is both overt and subtle. The term Muslim-Australians has come into prominence in recent media reports, yet an umbrella term which lumps all Australian followers of Islam into a single subset of all Australians ignores the complex diversity of Muslims in Australia. This article reports on a new research project which has recently been undertaken with Australians of Turkish background, in order to untangle some of the complexity involved when a Muslim community which comes from a relatively liberal, secular country finds its Islamic identity being foregrounded by the mainstream media. The research has focused on the ways that Turkish Australians are using traditional and new forms of media and information technology to negotiate a place in a multicultural society which is increasingly perceiving Muslims as ‘the other’.

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