Split power hydro-mechanical transmission with power circulation

Wieslaw J. Oledzki
  • Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, May 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/02533839.2018.1473808

Naturally automatic and continuously variable transmission for cars and heavy vehicles.

What is it about?

Described is a novel transmission for cars, buses, trucks, heavy working machines, and emergency, military and sporting vehicles, which naturally automatically and continuously varies its transmission ratio. The transmission is mechanically much simpler than known automatic gearboxes, and offers exceptionally good acceleration (particularly important for sporting, emergency and military vehicles), reliability, durability, and unique simplicity of the vehicle operation.

Why is it important?

My transmission offers much better dynamic vehicle characteristics than known automatic transmissions and manual gearboxes, while it is mechanically much simpler than automatic transmission, and therefore much cheaper and easier to manufacture.


Wieslaw Oledzki (Author)
Warsaw University of Life Sciences

I expect this publication to earn wide interest for my invention (patent pending in USA and Poland).

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