Unmanned aerial vehicle-based remote sensing in monitoring smallholder, heterogeneous crop fields in Tanzania

  • Isack B. Yonah, Sixbert K. Mourice, Siza D. Tumbo, Boniface P. Mbilinyi, Jan Dempewolf
  • International Journal of Remote Sensing, April 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/01431161.2018.1455241

Monitoring small and heterogeneous crop fields using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

What is it about?

The article has evaluated the ability of different vegetation indices in addressing the challenges associated with monitoring small holder, ill-defined and varied management farm plots

Why is it important?

UAV-derived spectral signatures can provide detailed information for characterizing agronomic and crop conditions under smallholder agricultural settings and aid food security monitoring efforts


Manager Applied Meteorology Isack Baliyendeza Yonah
Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA)

Writing this article was a great pleasure as it has co-authors with whom I have had long standing collaborations. Moreover, the use of remote sensing products in agriculture can complement the existing system of crop monitoring and yield prediction with more effective evidence-based information at farm level while providing policy makers with advanced crop yield information ahead of harvest-time to help manage expected food deficits and surplus.

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