The Value of an 1827 Cadastre Map in the Rehabilitation of Ecosystem Services in the Křemže Basin, Czech Republic

Jan Hendrych, Vojtěch Storm, Nic Pacini
  • Landscape Research, December 2013, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/01426397.2013.794260

Tree avenues as essential elements in the landscape rehabilitation

What is it about?

The restoration of selected elements, as alées crucial for the preservation of landscape character as well as of cultural and aesthetic values, provides a chance to enhance the current structural diversity. This is of paramount importance for stabilising landscape functions and ecosystem services such as water cycling, nutrient processing, support to biodiversity, aesthetic appeal and transfer of educational values. The Stabile Cadastre maps offer an ideal baseline for landscape rehabilitation.

Why is it important?

The use of the historic stabile cadastre maps as a baseline for the essential landscape elements rehabilitation appears to be very crucial approach currently, when most of the others traditional landscape management processes were abandoned. One example could be the loss and current eradication of the traditional tree avenues and alées that had been one of the keystone structural elements of and cultural landscape in the region of the Central Europe - "the apple strudel cultural landscape."

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