Five-coordinate dicarboxylate complexes of copper (+2) and zinc (+2)

Bhaskar Nath, Dipjyoti Kalita, Jubaraj B. Baruah
  • Journal of Coordination Chemistry, July 2011, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/00958972.2011.601813

Penta-coordinate dicarboxylate complexes

What is it about?

Describes a design methodology to prepare five coordinated metal complexes by using flexible dicarboxylates.

Why is it important?

Five coordinated complexes generally provides scope for studying structural non-rigidity. But to generate penta-coordinated rigid structures from flexible system is interesting; this study is on designing five coordinated complexes from flexible dicarboxylates attached to a rigid V shaped tether.


Professor Jubaraj Bikash Baruah (Author)
IIT Guwahati

A methodology which has worth of making various penta-coordinated complexes of divalent copper and zinc in a pre-decided manner.

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