Coordination complex of dipicolinato cobalt(III) complex cation and anion

Babulal Das, Kaushik Ghosh, Jubaraj B. Baruah
  • Journal of Coordination Chemistry, February 2011, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/00958972.2010.551658

Self-assemblies of complex cations with complex anions

What is it about?

This article provides the various possibilities to generate complexes that have both anionic and cationic parts as complex cation and complex anion.

Why is it important?

The metal sites holds ligands in metal complexes and varieties of properties can be induced in a meta complexes by in creasing ligands and metal ions. Thus, preparation of complexes that have both anionic and cation parts comprising of complexes make large avenues to tune properties and make new materials.


Professor Jubaraj Bikash Baruah (Author)
IIT Guwahati

This study shows large amounts of combinations of large size cations and anions of which may be from mononuclear or polynuclear complex anions and cations to modulate properties. Such modulation may be either through generating unique packing patterns for guest inclusion or by making variations on decorating ligands.

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