Pina Ballario's Colonial and Travel Writing: Desserts, Breastfeeding and Pleasure as Opposition to Fascism

Patrizia Sambuco
  • Italian Studies, June 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/00751634.2018.1487104

Food, Fascism and Women's Writing

What is it about?

Italian Fascism made food discourses central to the national economy and to women's role in the family. In this article, by considering the work of popular writer Pina Ballario, I uncover how in literary works alimentary imagination helped to express support for, or opposition to, those dominant food discourses.

Why is it important?

The articles makes available in a scholarly discussion archival materials and literary texts never analysed before. With its gender perspective on the work of Pina Ballario, it contributes to understand the role of women writers during the Fascist period.


Patrizia Sambuco (Author)
University of London

I think this article makes clear how crucial alimentary imagination is to the expression of support for, or opposition to, Fascism. Writing it has been exciting in particular for the archival research and access to texts never analysed before.

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