“They can’t handle the race agenda”: stakeholders’ reflections on race and education policy, 1993–2013

  • Paul Warmington, David Gillborn, Nicola Rollock, Sean Demack
  • Educational Review, July 2017, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/00131911.2017.1353482

The decline of race equality policy in education in the UK.

What is it about?

Since the mid-2000s race equality has become marginalised in UK education policy. In this article influential stakeholders reflect on shifts in race equality policy in the 20 year period, 1993-2013. They focus on issues such as the Macpherson Report, institutional racism, London/ City Challenge and the citizenship agenda. They explain what they regard as government retreat from tackling structural racism.

Why is it important?

Race has arguably become ‘the forgotten inequality’ in education and social policy. Here a distinguished list of veteran educators, policy contributors and activists offer inside reflections.


Paul Warmington
University of Warwick

The research on which this article is based gave me the benefit of the wisdom of people with decades of experience in race equality work. They spoke with great honesty in ways that are rarely reported in academic work.

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