Continued declines of RedshankTringa totanusbreeding on saltmarsh in Great Britain: is there a solution to this conservation problem?

Lucy R. Malpas, Jennifer Smart, Allan Drewitt, Elwyn Sharps, Angus Garbutt
  • Bird Study, August 2013, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/00063657.2013.781112

Over 50% of saltmarsh redshank have been lost in only 26 years

What is it about?

Saltmarsh is a nationally and internationally important habitat for breeding redshank, supporting half of the British breeding population. The dramatic and continuing decline in the number of saltmarsh-breeding redshank identified by this survey is a worrying indicator that the condition of our saltmarshes may be deteriorating.

Why is it important?

In identifying this decline, and in assessing the success of saltmarsh conservation management on a national scale, this study has highlighted an urgent need to increase our knowledge of grazing practices, how conservation management guidelines could be improved and the likely success of more long-term conservation solutions to prevent the loss of saltmarsh-breeding redshank and the further deterioration of saltmarsh habitats.

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