Communicating flexibly with metaphor

John A. Barnden
  • Review of Cognitive Linguistics, December 2016, John Benjamins
  • DOI: 10.1075/rcl.14.2.07bar

A unified examination of various ways of extending, combining and switching between metaphors

What is it about?

There has been a lot of discussion of the ways in which speakers/writers elaborate upon (or extend) metaphors or combine different metaphors with each other, and to a lesser extent the ways in which speakers/writers replace one metaphor by another or distort a segment of reality in order to use it metaphorically to illuminate something else. However, the topics of elaboration, combination, replacement and distortion have largely been discussed in isolation from each other. The paper takes a more unified view of the phenomena, showing how they can shade into one another. The paper also shows how the author’s own theory of metaphor is well placed to deal with the soft boundaries between the phenomena.

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