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In this comprehensive tutorial we introduce the reader to the concept of quantum structured light, i.e. quantum light that is tailored by controlling its spatial properties. We highlight methods that are commonly used to create and control them. Subsequently, we discuss how to detect and characterize them using common-place structured light tools. To illustrate their potential for higher dimensional quantum encoding, we present exemplary practical implementations of quantum structured light in modern emerging technologies such as Quantum Key Distribution, Ghost Imaging and Teleportation.

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This tutorial is designed for both students and seasoned researchers who have a keen interest in conducting research in quantum optics using structured light at the single photon level. Specifically, structured light patterns have witnessed a remarkable surge in various applications, ranging from quantum imaging to secure communications. These patterns possess the ability to be entangled (spooky action at a distance) and can form an extensive encoding alphabet that can be used for processing quantum information. Consequently, the prospect of exploiting their potential for high dimensional encoding increases their utility as a resource in emerging quantum technologies. Therefore, it is imperative that researchers are equipped with the tools and knowledge of how to create, control, characterize/detect and use them in practical applications so that their full potential is realized.


This work is highly topical given the current advent of quantum technologies and the highly developed toolkit for structured light. The marriage of these two fields in the past 20 years has already shown great promise and continues to spawn new avenues of research. Therefore, a tutorial aimed at providing researchers with all the necessary tools for successfully implementing the toolkit in quantum technologies is highly necessary for the sake of future rapid research and development with quantum structured light.

Isaac Nape
University of the Witwatersrand

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This page is a summary of: Quantum structured light in high dimensions, APL Photonics, May 2023, American Institute of Physics, DOI: 10.1063/5.0138224.
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