Cu3BiS3 as a potential photovoltaic absorber with high optical efficiency

Mukesh Kumar, Clas Persson
  • Applied Physics Letters, January 2013, American Institute of Physics
  • DOI: 10.1063/1.4792751

Cu-Bi-S system as potential absorber material

What is it about?

Cu3BiS3 is a potential photovoltaic material. Employing a first-principles approach, we calculate the structural, electronic, and optical properties of Cu3BiS3, and we demonstrate that Cu3BiS3 is an indirect band gap semiconductor in contrast to similar chalcogenide semiconductors. The fundamental band gap energy is estimated to be Eg 1.5–1.7 eV. The analysis reveals that Cu3BiS3 has a much stronger absorption coefficient compared to other Cu-S based materials like CuInS2 and Cu2ZnS

Why is it important?

High optical activity lead to great interest in this material

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