Magnetic properties of copper hexadecaphthalocyanine (F16CuPc) thin films and powders

Wei Wu, L. A. Rochford, S. Felton, Zhenlin Wu, J. L. Yang, S. Heutz, G. Aeppli, T. S. Jones, N. M. Harrison, A. J. Fisher
  • Journal of Applied Physics, January 2013, American Institute of Physics
  • DOI: 10.1063/1.4773456

F16CuPc Magnetism

What is it about?

We explore the magnetic properties of a fluorinated phthalocyanine and compare the behaviour observed with the unmodified molecule with a mixture of theory and experiment. Molecular templating is also explored as a route to control the magnetic properties of the F16CuPc system

Why is it important?

Understanding the magnetic properties of organic semiconductors is the first step to implementing them in commercial devices such as logic or memory circuits. Combining experimental observations with theory allows a deep understanding of the behavior observed to be demonstrated.

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