Giant Goos-Hänchen shift in graphene double-barrier structures

  • Yu Song, Han-Chun Wu, Yong Guo
  • Applied Physics Letters, June 2012, American Institute of Physics
  • DOI: 10.1063/1.4730440

Necessary condition for Goos-Hanchen electron beam splitter and its resolution by resonant tunneling

What is it about?

An electron beam splitter is a building block for spintronics or valleytronics; it can be realized based on spin or valley dependent Goos-Hanchen shifts, which are the difference between the incoming and outgoing locations of an electron beam. In this work, we indicate that, in order to realize an effective beam splitter, the GH shift should be larger than a critical value. We also demonstrate that, this necessary condition can be meted by enhancement of GH shift through resonant tunneling.

Why is it important?

The indicated critical condition has been adopted in some works of other researchers, and the designed double barrier resonant tunneling structure has been widely used in other systems. These make our work an important reference in its research field.


Yu Song

I hope more colleague, in electronics or optics, can be aware of the necessary condition for a beam splitter based on Goos-Hanchen shift.

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