Inhomogeneous mechanical losses in micro-oscillators with high reflectivity coating

E. Serra, F. S. Cataliotti, F. Marin, F. Marino, A. Pontin, G. A. Prodi, M. Bonaldi
  • Journal of Applied Physics, January 2012, American Institute of Physics
  • DOI: 10.1063/1.4728217

Effects of optical coating mechanical loss in oscillating micromirrors

What is it about?

In order to optimize the efficiency of micro-mechanical oscillators in quantum optics experiments, it is important to design oscillating mirrors with low mechanical dissipation. In this work, we analyze the advantage brought by a reduced coating area in a mirror. The experimental results are validated by a number of FEM simulations, confirming that the reduction of the coated surface allows to reduce the overall loss in the device.

Why is it important?

We show how to control the mechanical dissipation in the coating layers deposited on top of micro-mechanical oscillators.

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