Temperature dependence of the thermal boundary resistivity of glass-embedded metal nanoparticles

Francesco Banfi, Vincent Juvé, Damiano Nardi, Stefano Dal Conte, Claudio Giannetti, Gabriele Ferrini, Natalia Del Fatti, Fabrice Vallée
  • Applied Physics Letters, January 2012, American Institute of Physics
  • DOI: 10.1063/1.3673559

Thermal boundary resistance of nano particles

What is it about?

The temperature dependence of the thermal boundary resistivity is experimentally investigated in glass-embedded nano particles. The present results provide a benchmark for theories aiming at explaining the thermal boundary resistivity at the interface between metal nanoparticles and their environment, a topic of great relevance when tailoring thermal energy delivery from nanoparticles as for applications for applications in nanomedicine and thermal management at the nanoscale.

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