Quantitative analysis of terahertz spectra for illicit drugs using adaptive-range micro-genetic algorithm

Yi Chen, Yong Ma, Zheng Lu, Bei Peng, Qin Chen
  • Journal of Applied Physics, January 2011, American Institute of Physics
  • DOI: 10.1063/1.3624737

THz spectra for illicit drug determination

What is it about?

terahertz spectra for illicit drug using genetic algorithm

Why is it important?

This work proposed a new Terahertz spectroscopic quantitative analysis method using an adaptive range micro genetic algorithm with variable internal population (ARVIP??GA). A quantitative components determination statement for terahertz spectral identifications has been introduced. Five mixture cases of methamphetamine, heroin and amoxicillin were discussed. This work made a significant impression on components determination using computational intelligence approach for illicit drugs detection.

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