Poloidally and radially resolved parallel D[sup +] velocity measurements in the DIII-D boundary and comparison to neoclassical computations

J. A. Boedo, E. A. Belli, E. Hollmann, W. M. Solomon, D. L. Rudakov, J. G. Watkins, R. Prater, J. Candy, R. J. Groebner, K. H. Burrell, J. S. deGrassie, C. J. Lasnier, A. W. Leonard, R. A. Moyer, G. D. Porter, N. H. Brooks, S. Muller, G. Tynan, E. A. Unterberg
  • Physics of Plasmas, January 2011, American Institute of Physics
  • DOI: 10.1063/1.3559492