eInfochips: Product, Delivery and Service Differentiation

Vrajlal K. Sapovadia
  • January 2012, Nature Publishing Group
  • DOI: 10.1057/9781137268556_7

Understanding business problems, offer out of box IT solutions at affordable cost

What is it about?

e-infochips was promoted by young technocrat after gaining experience in one of the biggest IT company in 90s. The company and promoter's humble journey was from scratch, but it gained momentum due to strong commitment, innovation, financial prudence and best HR practices. e-infochips is IT MNC operating in India and USA. The strategy of company is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship spirit among its employees. The company focus in niche market and inhouse products development to control cost and preserve trade secret.

Why is it important?

The company adopted unique principle of intrapreneurship to promote creativity. The promoter allowed employees to take risk. In IT sector, understanding business problem and offer user friendly out of box solution is most important. However the competition in the market is driven by cost lead. e-infochips combined all those aspects consistently.


Vrajlal Sapovadia
SBS Ahmedabad

This case study is winner of 2009 London Business School and Aditya Birla Center's 'case study competition'. The winner cases were compiled to publish in form of a book.

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