Protected but Separate: International Immigrants in the Italian Catholic Church

  • Maurizio Ambrosini
  • January 2016, Nature Publishing Group
  • DOI: 10.1057/978-1-137-58347-5_13

Immigrants and the Catholic church: a multifaceted relation

What is it about?

Immigrants are the beneficiaries of various forms of support provided by the Catholic church. But most Catholic immigrants gather in their own chapelanies and groups, they are not active members of the local community, and they are not supported by the majority in integrating in the Italian Catholic church

Why is it important?

Religion has acquired a new salience in the debate on immigrants' integration into receiving societies


Professor maurizio ambrosini
Universita degli Studi di Milano

Tha paper gives a new insight on an issue that has not been enough considered until now by migration studies, nor by religious studies

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