Probiotics and Necrotizing Enterocolitis

  • Ravi Mangal Patel, Mark A. Underwood
  • Seminars in Pediatric Surgery, November 2017, Elsevier
  • DOI: 10.1053/j.sempedsurg.2017.11.008

Probiotics and Necrotizing Enterocolitis

What is it about?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can be given to preterm infants. In this review, we summarize the evidence on the risks and benefits of the use of probiotics in preterm infants. We focus on necrotizing enterocolitis, but also discuss the effects of probiotics on death and sepsis. We also highlight studies reporting on the routine use of probiotics in preterm infants.

Why is it important?

Necrotizing enterocolitis is a leading cause of death in preterm infants.

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