Product innovations of key economic importance for the steel industry

Jean-Pierre Birat
  • Metallurgical Research & Technology, January 2018, EDP Sciences
  • DOI: 10.1051/metal/2018010

What new products is the steel industry coming up with?

What is it about?

Steel is continuously changing and at the same time has been present in our society for 5000 years! This paper tells about the changes occurring at the present time.

Why is it important?

because steel is used universally, is the most important metal today in terms of volume (mass) and price. It is ubiquitous, in construction, infrastructure, machines, transport, packaging, at the core of the energy system, etc. At the same time, like most materials, steel is mostly invisible, i.e. not seen by most people. Let us see the world, including the anthroposphere, as it really is!


Professor Jean-Pierre L. BIRAT
University of Science and Technology Beijing

The production of steel is likely to double by the middle of the century, because of its usefulness to the functioning of society. This is actually true of most structural materials.

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