Sub-synchronous oscillation in PMSGs based wind farms caused by amplification effect of GSC controller and PLL to harmonics

Yanhui Xu, Yuping Cao
  • IET Renewable Power Generation, May 2018, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (the IET)
  • DOI: 10.1049/iet-rpg.2017.0740

Sub synchronous oscillation caused by wind power

What is it about?

Sub-synchronous oscillation (SSO) has been frequently observed at the PMSG-based wind farms in the Xinjiang China. We have clarified PMSG-based SSO can be caused by controller of grid side convert and phase phaser lockerand. We have used single machine infinite model to verify conclusion.

Why is it important?

Based on recent real engineering example of PMSG-based SSO incident. Our work show that the amplification effect of grid-side converter controller and PLL to harmonics can cause cause sustained power oscillation in sub-synchronous frequence. We have given a criterion for judging dangerous frequencies of SSO by small signal analysis method.


Yuping Cao
North China Electric Power University

Writing this article was a great pleasure as it has co-authors is also my graduate tutor. The writing process of the article made me understand the issue of wind power subsynchronous oscillation more deeply and improved my writing skills of cademic articles under the guidance of my tutor.

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