Facile one-pot hydrothermal synthesis of stable and biocompatible fluorescent carbon dots from lemon grass herb

  • Sai Thota, Sai Thota, Saikrishna Srimadh Bhagavatham, Sai Manoj Kaja, Muthu Kumar V, Venketesh S, Vadlani Praveen, Siva Kumar Belliraj
  • IET Nanobiotechnology, September 2017, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (the IET)
  • DOI: 10.1049/iet-nbt.2017.0038

Synthesis of Nano particles from Lemon Grass

What is it about?

Hydrothermal synthesis of Carbon dots which are stable and biocompatible from Lemon Grass herb.

Why is it important?

Drug Delivery, Up-conversion, Fluorescent Probes

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