Review and perspective on mathematical modeling of microbial ecosystems

Antonella Succurro, Oliver Ebenhöh
  • Biochemical Society Transactions, March 2018, Portland Press Ltd.
  • DOI: 10.1042/bst20170265

Review and perspective on mathematical modeling of microbial ecosystems

What is it about?

We review works that model microbial ecosystems using dynamic kinetic models and structural metabolic network models. We argue that the complexity of ecosystem interactions require the development of novel approaches integrating dynamic and structural models.

Why is it important?

The interest in the microbiome is rising and interdisciplinary research, integrating experimental work with theoretical models, is needed to address the complexity of microbial ecosystems.


Dr Antonella Succurro (Author)
Universitat zu Koln

There are many recent and excellent reviews on the topic of mathematical models of microbial communities. In this contributions what we add to the existing literature is the argument that we are still far from having modeling methods that can tackle the complexity of the biological questions at hand. We insist that in order to progress in theoretical microbiome research we need to integrate different modeling techniques and develop novel approaches.

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