“Sweet” Ionic Liquid Gels: Materials for Sweetening of Fuels

Floriana Billeci, Francesca D'Anna, H. Q. Nimal Gunaratne, Natalia V Plechkova, Kenneth R. Seddon
  • Green Chemistry, January 2018, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c8gc01615a

Desulfurisation of fuels by using ionic liquid gels as sorbent system

What is it about?

Sulfur compounds feature fuels and cause the formation of acidic rains. Different methods have been used for their removal from fuels, but some recalcitrant compound like benzo- and dibenzothiophene still remain. We have used, for the first time and with success, adsorption processes through gel phases formed in ionic liquids.

Why is it important?

Our paper is one of few examples using this methodology. Our method prove to be successful in removing recalcitrant compounds, like benzo- and dibenzothiophene. Components of gel phases have a good eco-compatibility.


Francesca D'Anna
University of Palermo

This paper opens the way to the possibility of using flow systems to sweetening fuels

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