Faradaic processes beyond Nernst's law: density functional theory assisted modelling of partial electron delocalisation and pseudocapacitance in graphene oxides

Junfu Li, James O’Shea, Xianghui Hou, George Z. Chen
  • Chemical Communications, January 2017, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c7cc04344a

Pseudocapacitance from delocalized valence electrons

What is it about?

The transfer of localized and delocalized valence electrons corresponds to the Nernstian behavior and capacitive behavior of different electrode materials.

Why is it important?

Pseudocapacitance is an exception that cannot be explained by the Nernst equation.


Professor of Electrochemical Technologies George Zheng Chen
University of Nottingham

Design and synthesis of new materials that enable electron delocalization may open a new way towards high capacity and high power supercapacitors.

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