High energy supercapattery with an ionic liquid solution of LiClO4

Linpo Yu, George Z. Chen
  • Faraday Discussions, January 2016, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c5fd00232j

Supercapattery with ionic liquids

What is it about?

A laboratory supercapattery is built from activated carbon positive electrode, lithium metal negative electrode and an electrolyte of LiClO4 dissolved in an ionic liquid.

Why is it important?

Demonstration of the principle of supercapattery with a supercapacitor electrode (activated carbon) and a battery electrode (lithium metal) with high specific energy value (>230 Wh/kg).


Professor of Electrochemical Technologies George Zheng Chen
University of Nottingham

This device behaves more like a supercapacitor than a battery, and hence justifies the term supercapattery.

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