Molybdenum(vi) tris(dithiolene) complexes as a new class of three-dimensional two-photon absorption chromophores at telecommunications wavelengths

  • Li Qu, Nikolay S. Makarov, Cheng Zhong, Joseph W. Perry, Jingui Qin
  • Journal of Materials Chemistry C, January 2014, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c3tc31058b

Mo tris(dithiolene) Two-photon Absorbing Chromophores

What is it about?

Two molybdenum(VI) tris(dithiolene) complexes with a three dimensional structure substituents synthesized and their two-photon absorption properties were determined. Both of these complexes exhibited significant two-photon cross sections around the wavelength of 1300 nm, with the naphthyl substituted complex showing a two-photon cross section of 660 10^-50 cm4 s^-1 photon^-1, suggesting a new class of three-dimensional

Why is it important?

These molecules show sizable two-photon absorption at 1300 nm and may be useful for two-photon based optical switching for telecommunications.

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