A facile solution route to deposit TiO2 nanowire arrays on arbitrary substrates

Bo Li, Jin-Ming Wu, Tao-Tao Guo, Ming-Zao Tang, Wei Wen
  • Nanoscale, January 2014, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c3nr05786k

Anatase TiO2 nanowires vertically grown on arbitrary substrates

What is it about?

Titania is a multifunctional semiconductor finding wide applications in energy and environment related regions. To grow anatase TiO2 nanowires on arbitrary substrates, being easily scaled-up, is a key step for its successful applications.

Why is it important?

This is a facile solution based technique to deposit vertically aligned anatase TiO2 nanowires on arbitrary substrates of metals, glass, and carbon cloth, even on those with complicated shapes.

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