Stereoselective synthesis of Z-acrylonitrile derivatives: catalytic and acetylcholinesterase inhibition studies

  • Mehtab Parveen, Ali Mohammed Malla, Mahboob Alam, Musheer Ahmad, Shahnawaz Rafiq
  • New Journal of Chemistry, January 2014, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c3nj01384g

Green and Facile synthesis of acrylonitrile derivatives

What is it about?

this research paper depicts the synthesis of some novel acrylonitrile derivatives of substituted chromones and aromatic aldehydes by employing silica chloride as a heterogenous catalyst

Why is it important?

The unique contribution of this paper is exclusive stereoselectivity in the synthesis of z-acrylonitrile derivatives using silica supported thionyl chloride as a catalyst

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