Can we afford storage? A dynamic net energy analysis of renewable electricity generation supported by energy storage

Michael Carbajales-Dale, Charles J. Barnhart, Sally M. Benson
  • Energy & Environmental Science, January 2014, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c3ee42125b

How does storage impact wind and solar-PV electricity generation?

What is it about?

Wind and solar-PV electricity are growing at fantastic rates. Both technologies ar aided by the addition of storage, for example batteries, onto the grid. However, building storage technologies increases the material and energetic cost of delivering wind and solar-PV electricity. This paper explores how much storage both the wind and solar-PV industries can 'afford' given their current electricity generation.

Why is it important?

This analysis is important because governments are currently setting mandates on grid-scale energy storage. Our analysis highlights the benefits of some storage technologies over others, which may help better focus policy.

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