Pharmacokinetics and transgene expression of implanted polyethylenimine-based pDNA complexes

Laura Rose, Parvin Mahdipoor, Cezary Kucharski, Hasan Uludağ
  • Biomaterials Science, January 2014, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c3bm60200a

Transfection in an animal model

What is it about?

Delivering genes is a promising approach to cure a wide range of diseases. To realize gene therapy, one needs to deliver genes to an organism using effective delivery agents and express them at sufficient quantities. This article utilized an effective polymer and investigates expression along with localization of genes at an administration site. We determined in situ residence time of the delivered genes along with their expression, paving the way for better utilization of gene-based medicines.

Why is it important?

Information about the retention of genes at an application site as well as their expression remains limited in the literature. This information is critical to design effective delivery systems and make genes based medicines work in humans. This publication reported detailed information about this issue. The results should guide the researchers to investigate different delivery systems in more detail and help to design better delivery systems for gene medicines.

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