Anomalous strength characteristics of Stone–Thrower–Wales defects in graphene sheets – a molecular dynamics study

Aniyush Juneja, G. Rajasekaran
  • Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, January 2018, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c8cp00499d

Efffect of different control parameters on the mechanical strength of defected graphene sheet

What is it about?

This research work gives a comprehensive understanding of how STW defects affect the mechanical strength of mono layer graphene sheet at different strain-rate and temperature conditions.

Why is it important?

One of the key results of this work explains that STW-1 and STW-2 defected sheet, which tends to show anisotropic strength characteristics converge to a single breaking point value irrespective of the loading direction, as the temperature is lowered down to 1 Kelvin.This result can be very useful in industrial purpose as and when these defected sheets are used at such low temperature.Along with this a change in failure morphology was also observed , which acted as function of defect concentration and strain-rate respectively.


Aniyush Juneja (Author)
SRM Group of Educational Institutions

My own view on this paper is a quiet positive one.Since this project is done keeping in mind the actual conditions in which the material is exposed to. Therefore it gives out results which is crucial for practical use of these materials.

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