Effect of mixing bio-oil aqueous phase model compounds on hydrogen production in non-catalytic supercritical reforming

F. J. Gutiérrez Ortiz, F. J. Campanario, P. Ollero
  • Reaction Chemistry & Engineering, January 2017, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c7re00090a

Interactions among the feed and intermediates affect the SCW reforming of bio-oil aqueous phase

What is it about?

Bio-oil derived from biomass fast pyrolysis can be processed into fuel or some chemical products, but it has a waste aqueous phase that, however, may be valorized. Supercritical reforming of this stream, simulated using mixtures of model compounds (acetic acid, acetol, 1-butanol and glucose), was experimentally studied in a tubular reactor without using a catalyst. The effect of mixing the model compounds at different operating parameters (temperature, feed composition, and residence time) on the process performance was investigated, thus addressing an important chemical aspect of biomass-based renewable energy.

Why is it important?

The discussion is centered on how model compounds, representative of the aqueous phase of bio-oil, chemically convert and interact when mixed, thus affecting the gas yields. Based on the analyzed liquid samples, a series of probable reaction pathways were proposed to explain the experimental results by considering the interactions among the compounds and their formed intermediates. See supplementary information.


Professor Francisco Javier Gutiérrez Ortiz (Author)
University of Seville, Engineering School, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

The main novelty presented in this paper is the full study of the supercritical reforming of the bio-oil aqueous phase using mixtures of representative model compounds without adding a catalyst, in which the effect of mixing on the gas yields, especially the hydrogen yield, under operating conditions is shown.

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