Facile one-pot tandem reductive amination of aldehydes from nitroarenes over a hierarchical ZSM-5 zeolite containing palladium nanoparticles

Roozbeh Javad Kalbasi, Omid Mazaheri
  • New Journal of Chemistry, January 2016, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c6nj02262f

Pd/hierarchical ZSM-5 zeolite and its application in the reductive amination reaction

What is it about?

the hierarchical ZSM-5 zeolite has been synthesized using KIT-6 mesoporous silica as a silica source. This method leads to introducing the hierarchy structure and consequently the high surface area of zeolite. In this situation, the palladium nanoparticles embedded with high distribution in mesostructure of the zeolite and could act as a catalyst

Why is it important?

This catalyst can act as an acid-metal bi-functional catalyst in reductive amination reaction with very high activity.


Mr Omid Mazaheri (Author)

other kinds of hierarchical zeolites can serve as multifunctional catalysts.

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