Palladium complexes with stabilized germylene and stannylene ligands

Marina M. Kireenko, Kirill V. Zaitsev, Yuri F. Oprunenko, Andrei V. Churakov, Viktor A. Tafeenko, Sergey S. Karlov, Galina S. Zaitseva
  • Dalton Transactions, January 2013, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c3dt32867h

Palladium complexes with germylenes and stannylenes

What is it about?

New unusual palladium complexes, Pd[GeR2]4 and Pd[SnR2]4, with germylenes/stannylenes based on dialkanolamines/diethylenetriamines were obtained, structurally characterized and investigated as catalysts in cross-coupling reactions.

Why is it important?

Unique palladium complexes containing four germylenes/stannylenes as ligands were investigated

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