Enhanced photoresponse of large-sized photoactive graphene composite films based on water-soluble conjugated polymers

Jinhua Sun, Linhong Xiao, Dongli Meng, Jianxin Geng, Yong Huang
  • Chemical Communications, January 2013, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c3cc40563j

Enhanced photoresponse of graphene/conjugated polymer films

What is it about?

Composite films of chemically converted graphene (CCG) andwatersoluble polythiophenes (P3TOPS and P3TOPA) were prepared by a LBL method using a suspension of negatively charged CCG–P3TOPS sheets and a solution of positively charged P3TOPA. The composite films show enhanced photoresponse due to photoinduced electron transfer from the polythiophenes to CCG.

Why is it important?

The preparation of the the photoresponsive films.


Professor Jianxin Geng (Author)
Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS

This is a good example to understand the the photoresponse of graphene-based materials.

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