Synthesis and reactions of [(OC)3Fe(µ-dppm)(µ-CO)Pt(PPh3)] with acetylenes or allene: crystal structures of [(OC)3Fe(µ-dppm)(µ-CO)Pt(PPh3)], [(OC)2Fe(µ-dppm){µ-σ:η3-C(O)C2H2}Pt(PPh3)], and [(OC)3Fe(µ-dppm){µ-CH2C(CH2)}Pt(PPh3)](dppm = Ph2PCH2PPh2)

  • Xavier L. R. Fontaine, Grant B. Jacobsen, Bernard L. Shaw, Mark Thornton-Pett
  • Journal of the Chemical Society Chemical Communications, January 1987, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c39870000662

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