Ligand-manipulated selective transformations of Au–Ni bimetallic heteronanostructures in an organic medium

Lu Bai, Yun Kuang, Jun Luo, David G. Evans, Xiaoming Sun
  • Chemical Communications, January 2012, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c2cc32557h

Ligand-manipulated selective transformations of Au–Ni heteronanostructures

What is it about?

In summary, either the Au tips or the Ni tails of Au–Ni spindly heteronanostructures can be selectively dissolved by introducing different ligands in an organic solvent. This shows that varying the ligand can widen the range of chemical transformations available for constructing anisotropic nanostructures.

Why is it important?

The ability to tailor the compositions and structures of heterostructures with low symmetry should benefit fine manipulation of their properties and lead to new building blocks for the construction of new functional nanomaterials.existing nanostructures into more complex ones.

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