Poptube approach for ultrafast carbon nanotube growth

Zhen Liu, Jialai Wang, Vinod Kushvaha, Selcuk Poyraz, Hareesh Tippur, Seongyong Park, Moon Kim, Yang Liu, Johannes Bar, Hang Chen, Xinyu Zhang
  • Chemical Communications, January 2011, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c1cc13359d

ultrafast microwave approach to make carbon nanotubes

What is it about?

This method provides inexpensive, facile approach to synthesize nanomaterials, that has excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. This approach is unique and universal for a large selection of nanomaterials, and offering the opportunity for large-scale production and real-life application of those nanomaterials.

Why is it important?

This PopTube approach utilizes microwave as heating source, which provides high energy conversion efficiency during the process, and offers the opportunity for large-scale manufacturing of a variety of nanomaterials for real-life applications.

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