Plutonium behaviour in nuclear fuel storage pond effluents

Stephen A. Parry, Luke O'Brien, Andy S. Fellerman, Christopher J. Eaves, Neil B. Milestone, Nicholas D. Bryan, Francis R. Livens
  • Energy & Environmental Science, January 2011, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c0ee00390e

What is it about?

An understanding of the evolution of the chemistry of the nuclear material within the UK's spent nuclear fuel storage ponds (where fuel is stored prior to being re-processed) is vital for pond management, and for the development of safe strategies for the decommissioning of these facilites. This work identifies several co-existing chemicals that may control the mobility of plutonium within the storage ponds. The results will be used to optimise pond management and identify potential future work

Why is it important?

Results from this type of research provide a better understanding of the fundamental chemistry going on in spend nuclear fuel storage ponds. This knowledge feeds directly back into guiding the management of the ponds; and provides valuable information to underpin the decommissioning of these facilities.

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