Promotion effects of Ga2O3 on CO2 adsorption and conversion over a SiO2-supported Ni catalyst

Yun-xiang Pan, Pingyu Kuai, Yuan Liu, Qingfeng Ge, Chang-jun Liu
  • Energy & Environmental Science, January 2010, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • DOI: 10.1039/c0ee00149j

Ga2O3 is a great promoter for activation of CO2 with significantly enhanced stability.

What is it about?

CO2 activation is always a challenge for any CO2 conversion. A good catalyst is always needed. Ni catalyst has a good activity for CO2 conversion but the stability is poor. The use of Ga2O3 changes the CO2 adsorption and reactivity of the catalyst, leading to a significant improvement in the catalyst stability for CO2 conversion.

Why is it important?

We firstly conducted the theoretical study on Ga2O3 for CO2 activation and conversion (by DFT study). After that we conducted this experimental study.

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