Assessment of the Apple iPad as a low-vision reading aid

  • E Morrice, A P Johnson, J-A Marinier, W Wittich
  • Eye, February 2017, Nature Publishing Group
  • DOI: 10.1038/eye.2016.309

Is a tablet computer a good low vision aid?

What is it about?

Tablet computers are very popular across a variety of users, including individuals with visual impairment. We decided to compare the ability of the Apple iPad to function as a low vision magnification device, given that its accessibility functions can easily be used to access and manipulate text to make it more readable.

Why is it important?

Many assistive device users shy away from using their devices in public because these devices identify them as having a disability. Using a table computer instead, a device that is widely used and accepted as "normal" could provide an opportunity for individuals with vision loss. In addition, demonstrating the effectiveness of devices such as the Apple iPad will provide important data for third-party payers to consider funding tables computers as assistive devices.


Dr Walter Wittich
Universite de Montreal

With constantly changing an developing technology, it is a challenge to conduct systematic (and time-consuming) evaluation research; however, this work takes us another step closer to providing a more solid evidence-base for vision rehabilitation practice.

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