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Can we really sense the future as was recently empirically confirmed and make use of this information as was suggested? Ordinary thinking and orthodox quantum theory are incompatible with such a possibility. The quantum mechanical idea of an effective-past is used to justify the retrospective appearance of any presentiment effect. Feasible empirical tests to prove this are suggested. It is concluded that the effect has no engineering value, however, it may be invaluable for getting proper interpretation of quantum mechanics.

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The proper interpretation of quantum mechanics has puzzled a lot of people. Much effort has been dedicated to solve the puzzle. Several interpretations were suggested, but even after almost a century of an enormous practical success no consensus has been reached. For example, questions about the wave function`s reality and meaning, the collapse`s occurrence, it`s causes, it`s exact timing etc. are still with us. Can this physical theory be related to the mind-body mystery, to consciousness? On the other hand the very surprising para-psychological presentiment effects seem to get empirical confirmation without having solid explanation. By connecting these two puzzles the paper suggests a justification for the retrospective (only) appearance of the presentiment effect and tries to shed light on the proper interpretation of quantum mechanics. Naturally, importent philosophical questions are involved as well.


The modified presentiment tests suggested in the paper are simple and feasible. I hope that somebody will soon carry them out. Concerning the presentiment effects, in case of a confirmation of my thesis the lack of engineering value of the presentiment effects would be established once and for all. Otherwise, the presentiment effects would become even more astonishing. Concerning quantum mechanics, it seems a Win-Win situation: in the case of a confirmation of my suggested thesis I expect the presentiment effects to show the correctness of the orthodox interpretation for quantum mechanics, otherwise, it would serve as an evidence for other interpretations.

PhD Ephraim Yeruham Levin

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This page is a summary of: The presentiment effect as a quantum delusion., Psychology of Consciousness Theory Research and Practice, September 2019, American Psychological Association (APA), DOI: 10.1037/cns0000207.
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